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About our Wines

Producing standout, world-class wines is the top priority at Klinker Brick Winery. Relentless attention to detail begins in the vineyard as grape vines require constant care from dormancy to harvest.  From farmer's hand to winemaker's barrel, the pursuit of quality is resolute. Klinker Brick wines continue to re-set the bar with each vintage produced to date...  



Sparkling Albariño

Sparkling Bricks & Roses Brut Rosé



Farrah Syrah Grand Reserve



Old Vine Zinfandel

Marisa Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel

Old Ghost Old Vine Zinfandel

Brickmason Blend

1850° Cabernet Blend

Cabernet Sauvignon

Farrah Syrah

Petite Sirah





Grenache Blanc

Bricks & Roses








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